Friday, 2 November 2012

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

It is not too difficult to find this one. With the box being so obvious right next to the wall, I am sure most people would try their best to find their way there. There is a guy hiding from his wife on the top of the map. He gives out some item so it's a good idea to talk to him, too.

Adventure Bar Story - Secret Path in Desert City of Guid

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Tora told me about this TV show his sister was watching - "Snog Marry Avoid?". I don't watch TV so it was new to me. The idea is to bring natural beauty to those who use a lot of makeups. The Before and After in all cases I've watched were quite dramatic. Some people loved their new looks, some people preferred their old ways. Either way sounds cool to me, as long as they find their happy-selves.



  1. Heyy :) how can I find this city? Please help :)

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    1. To anonymous right above me :
      U need to raise your bar rank until 10 (5 golden) then lidia will escort u to travel to desert city of guid :)

  3. hi enna lu can you speak tagalog? how can i get 5golden to my bar??

  4. I've already got master league but how do i get in that city of guid?